Industry Focus

Formed to effect a business combination with “advanced wireless technologies & telecommunicationbusiness(es) or assets in Malaysia with a focus on the 5G Enabling by Artificial Intelligence sector.

5G Sector – Malaysia Focus

5G is an economic imperative and essential to ensure Malaysia’s digital competitiveness

  • Upstream & downstream economic linkages (through investment in physical infrastructure)
  • Increase of productivity for businesses and consumer (through savings & efficiency)
  • Increases real household income due to augmented use of technology

Contribution to economy/employment

  • RM15b investment in 5G infrastructure and network
  • 105k new jobs** created
  • Use of technology will reduce the dependence on low-skilled foreign labour 

Socio-economic benefits

  • Reduce carbon footprint with better technology and improved connectivity 
  • 5G verticals will promote better qualify of life, reduce urban-rural migration

New Opportunities

  • Disruptive business models, new skills and processes.
  • Increase productivity for SMEs
  • Improved speed and coverage will further promote work-life balance (e.g WFH)

Regional Competitiveness

  • Countries like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam are ahead in terms of 5G deployment.
  • Malaysia has to catch up quickly to remain competitive and continue to attract investors.

Malaysia – Potential As A Global Contender

Connectivity is the core of future productivity, and Malaysia is ready to be a part of the move towards global digitization.

Innovations such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC),and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) are set to raise the bar on newly optimized industry practices.

The earlier Malaysia achieves nationwide 5G coverage, the sooner it can reap substantial economic gains.

Findings from a recent EY study on 5G’s potential economic impact show a cumulative GDP uplift of RM650 billion over the next 10 years, with RM150 billion in 2031 alone. It is estimated that there would be some 750,000 new high-skilled jobs created by 2030, putting us at an advantage over neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, the potential uses and benefits for consumers will encompass every facet of daily life, with technology and data set to enhance qualify of life indicators.