Competitive Advantage

Established Deal Sourcing Network.

Our team’s network of industry, private equity and business community relationships as well as relationship with the management teams of public and private companies, investment bankers, attorney and accountants, which we believe will provide us with a number of business combination opportunities.

Our broad network of contacts enables access to quality deal pipeline.

Experienced Management Team with Proven Track Record.

Together with our management team, we believe we have a broad network of contacts and corporate relationships that makes us efficient at:

  • Sourcing and evaluating businesses; and
  • Bridging cultural differences to negotiate and execute a transaction in a timely and professional manner.

By performing disciplined due diligence, being cautious downside protection, and providing post-acquisition value-add capabilities, we believe that we will be able to acquire a target business that will achieve significant returns for investors.

Status as a Publicly Listed Acquisition Company (SPAC)

  • As a public listed company, we will offer a target business an alternative to the traditional Initial Public Offering process.
  • With the funds held in our trust account, we can offer a target business a variety of options to facilitate a business combination, fund future expansion and growth of its business.

Strong Financial Position and Flexibility

We have the flexibility to use an efficient structure allowing us to tailor the consideration to be paid to the target business to address the needs of the parties.

Benefits from Value Creation and Marketing Opportunities

We intent to seek target companies that:

  • Leverage our experience and
  • Offer attractive risk-adjusted equity returns for our shareholders.

We expect to evaluate financial returns based on:

  • the potential for organic growth in cash flows.
  • The ability to achieve cost savings.
  • The ability to accelerate growth, including through the opportunity for follow-on acquisitions.
  • The prospects for creating value through other value creation initiatives.
  • Potential upside from growth in the target business’s earnings and an improved capital structure that will be weighted against any identified downside risks.